Thursday, May 24, 2007

We the....... TERRORIST????

So here's what I know, Shrub is a LIAR & a MASS MURDERER, as well as a DICTATOR, yet as it turns out WE the people are actually the "terrorist"! The White House has issued a statement today saying that due to expected backlash and criticism over a proposed Immigration Bill, they are setting up a "Rapid Response Team" to ATTACK..........Uh I mean address the concerns of any and all BLOGGERS out there who may have an opinion on the matter! SILLY me and ALL this time I thought SHRUB & CO. were the TERRORIST and as it turns out WE ARE THE TERRORIST! I'm honored that they think we are such a "threat" but what I would really like to know is WTF are they sooo afraid of? Just to "keep it real" though this latest bit of ignorance from Shrub & Co. doesn't surprise me, to the contrary I'm surprised they didn't do it a long time ago. I mean seriously let's look at all the B.S. they have done up to now. They have STOLEN an election, LIED to keep wars going, MANIPULATED the justice system, LISTENED to private conversations by wire tapping, and NOW they are MANIPULATING communications!!! If people STILL have a doubt about Shrub being a DICTATOR they shouldn't I mean he's only making it oh so OBVIOUS!!!! I thought WE THE PEOPLE were entitled to FREEDOM OF SPEECH in this country but I guess were not anymore. Well let me restate that you are entitled to FREEDOM OF SPEECH but ONLY if you AGREE with Shrub & Co., Everyone else needs to shut the hell up I guess. Well I think you all KNOW what I say to that, don't you? FUCK YOU SHRUB & CO. Terroristic, hostage loving Mother Fuckers, that you ARE! How is it possible to hold well over 140,000 troops HOSTAGE overseas, along with an ENTIRE country, yet you are not Terrorist??????? I just wish they had shown this much interest in telling the TRUTH about WMD in Iraq, 9/11, and SAVING Katrina victims FUCK YOU SHRUB & CO.!!!!!!!


Sue Woo said...

Go girl!

LET'S TALK said...

You know FTF, I visit conservative sites from time to time, just to see where they are at with Bush and the things he is doing.

Last night and today I had a back and forth comment going on with Opinionnation Times.

We exchanged comments and a few of his friends jumped in on the comment section, I guess for back-up.

There was a lot of name calling that only Republicans can do, but that was fine.

The last comment from me was:

" If you dont know who the average Americans are that I speak about, you should be more open to more than what's around you and your world and take a real look out here."

Opinionnation came back with:


I'm an average, Hispanic American who attends college. my life is great. Except, of course, the evil Bush is hiding in my closet, slowly eating my soul and squashing my freedom while using my intestines as a jump rope.

-save that crap for lefty-sites... here, it's just stupid

It was a shock to hear that because he was Hispanic, he was average... I stop the commenting after that statement.

What it comes down to is that there's a lot of people out there that can see no wrong in this President, a lot of people of different race.

I just dont understand how so many people feed into this President's lies, as if he is actually helping them in some way.

After reading this post on a Rapid Response Team, I'm not sure where we are headed with this President.

I'm concerned about this man maybe getting us in a war with Iran and now I find that he's also ready to start attacking bloggers.

sumo said...

Could you be more specific? Heh!

Donnie McDaniel said...

Get 'em girl!

Pursey Tuttweiler said...

Let's talk,
What is odd about the comment is that the guy claims to be average yet attends college. It is getting pretty hard for the "average" American to attend college. He doesn't know what average you are talking about.

FTF, Bush is really out to get his new war on and damn the American people and their stupid opinions. Jeez, how he still has supporters is beyond me.

Ron said...

As James Brown says, sometimes you just got to get Funky!

Hey, FTF where you at? I need a shot of your rage!

LET'S TALK said...

Funky Town Fighter, I hope things are OK with you... haven't heard from your post far awhile.

If you are not into posting right now, just give a big "I'm OK" and that will be fine.

LET'S TALK said...

Glad to know that everything is OK with you. Looking to see you post soon.