Thursday, May 3, 2007

Violence and Politics

I'm going to take a minute or two to let off some steam about an issue I hold very near and dear to my heart, IMMIGRATION! Everytime I turn on the news lately someone has something to say about Immigrants LEGAL & OTHERWISE! So now I'm going to say something too, I AM SICK AND FUCKING TIRED OF HEARING ALL THIS BULLSHIT ABOUT HOW IMMIGRANTS ARE TAKING AMERICAN JOBS, AND HOW THEY DON'T WANT TO LEARN ENGLISH! As the DAUGHTER of a Immigrant from Mexico I can tell you my father may have entered this country ILLEGALY but he learned english dammit, and not just how to speak it but how to read it, and write it as well. My father married my mother and became a LEGAL U.S. Resident eventually becoming a US Citizen. WHY am I telling you this? For one reason and one reason only, so people will start trying REALLY trying to understand WHY these Immigrants come here to begin with! My Dad was literally starving in Mexico, he came here NOT to "take" someone's job, but to PERFORM a job that NO ONE WANTED he became a dishwasher. Like many other Immigrants who come to this country my Dad took a low paying job that other people simply did not want! Now I'm not saying people should come into this country Illegaly, but they DAMN SURE SHOULDN'T BE BLAMED FOR PERFORMING JOBS THAT LEGAL AMERICANS DO NOT WANT TO PERFORM!!! I have worked in staffing for many years and I can tell you first hand SOME people don't have a job because they simply DON'T WANT ONE! I have offered people jobs that pay $8 or $9 an hour and have been told "that's not enough money, I WON'T work for that" if a person doesn't want to work for a certain pay that's fine, but then DO NOT turn around and say someone is "taking YOUR job" because the FACT IS many people are FUCKING THEMSELVES! I have a better idea, instead of blaming these Immigrants and bashing them for looking for a better way of life, WHY don't Politicians (specifically Repugs. since they seem to be the one's with the biggest problem here) get upset and point the finger not only at themselve's for not wanting to raise the minimum wage, but at the LARGE corporations as well that hire these Immigrants! If they would be willing to raise the minimum wage MORE Americans would be willing to take the low paying jobs. The fact is they're only interested in giving themselve's raises. It's funny how they get on camera and CRY about how much they're "costing us" and how they "don't want them here" yet OFF camera these are the SAME BASTARDS HIRING THEM TO BUILD BORDER FENCES,PAVE THEIR CITY STREETS,CLEAN THEIR HOUSES, OR WATCH THEIR SPOILED BRATS. Now you want to talk about cost? Ok let's talk about the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS they leave here in unclaimed taxes! Hmmm wonder WHERE that money goes??? This "LIE OF A WAR" Shrub has us in, costs us Billions each ear yet they have NO PROBLEM with that cost, to the contrary Shrub & the Repugs keep sticking their hand out asking for more! Now check this bullshit out:

Los Angeles, California
Three investigations have been launched into police officers' tactics in dispersing a crowd at an immigration rally, where police fired rubber bullets into crowds.

Police Chief William J. Bratton said Wednesday the public has "an absolute and unqualified right to EXPECT and DEMAND an aggressive review" of the events at MacArthur Park late Tuesday, when officers fired 240 "nonlethal" rounds to clear demonstrators.

"The events of (Tuesday), with all (the training) that we do, SHOULD NOT HAVE OCCURED," Bratton said at a tense news conference.

News images showed POLICE STRIKING a television cameraman to the ground, SHOVING people who were WALKING AWAY FROM OFFICERS and injuries from the rubber bullets. (Watch police in riot gear fire into the crowd )

Rally organizers denounced the police action as BRUTAL.

"They were PUSHING CHILDREN, ELDERLY, MOTHERS WITH THEIR BABIES and BEATING UP on the MEDIA" said Angela Sanbrano, an organizer.

The clashes started around 6 p.m. Tuesday, when police tried to disperse demonstrators who moved into a street, according to rally organizers and reporters. Authorities said several people threw rocks and bottles at officers, who used batons to push the crowd back to the sidewalk and then cleared the park.

A police order to disperse was in English and from a police helicopter, a likely ineffective tactic because of the noise and because many at the protest were Spanish-speakers, Bratton said.

John Mack, president of the five-member Police Commission, said he was "deeply disturbed and very disappointed" by the news images.

"This was not a pretty picture. This incident raises serious concern regarding the use of force by some individual officers," said Mack, who is one of Bratton's bosses.

Democratic Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, who represents the park district, also asked Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley to launch an independent investigation into the officers' actions.

He said POLICE DELIBERATELY led troublemakers back to the peaceful marchers before beginning their assault.

"The only logical conclusion I can come to is that somebody wanted it to bleed into the march so that they can do some target practice on some of the immigrants that were marching," Nunez said.

News organizations also condemned the Police Department for its use of batons and riot guns against members of the media.

"We are sorry for what happened to our employees and find it unacceptable that they would be abused in that way when they were doing their job," said Alfredo Richard, spokesman for the Spanish-language network Telemundo, whose anchor and reporter were hurt.

Bratton promised to investigate the treatment of reporters.

"We should never be engaged in attacking anyone in the media," Bratton said.

I attendended the marches here in Fort Worth, Tx last year, and I can tell you first hand NOBODY was disrespectful. I find it HIGHLY unlikely that someone was acting "out of hand". It's more likely that California's IMMIGRANT Governor and his BULLY police Dept. were taking a cue from THEIR Commander in LIES and using FORCE to REMOVE ANYONE WHO DOESN'T AGREE WITH THEM! Funny how one Immigrant wants to tell another to go home huh?


Ron West said...

Hi FTF, that's a great fiery rant there. I have to agree with your POV here. Don't have time to hit all your points, but I was also appalled by the videos of the LA cops.

Rallies were held throughout the nation, yet somehow only LA had a meelee. It totally looked to me like the cops were in the wrong, like they were itching for a fight.

Ziem said...

Absolutely FTF!

Funny how the right forgets we were - at one time or another - all immigrants.

There was a rally in Phoenix that was peaceful. Someone on the right got loud and obnoxious, but one of the Mexicans handled it in a calm, sweet manner.

I don't understand what the problem is. I mean, with our new found federal deficit, we're going to need all the taxpayers we can get! I know a chain of stores here that hires illegals to clean floors after hours. Why? Because no one else is willing to work for that pay during those hours. We bitch about high prices, and then bitch about hiring people willing to work for less than the average American.

To me, these people have enriched my life. I know many and they are dear, sweet people looking for a better life. What's wrong with that? Aren't we all? What exactly are the illegals taking from us? Nothing. They are giving. Giving in their culture, their foods, their labor. I, for one welcome them. I do think they need to learn English. Not for my benefit, but for theirs.

This whole issue is nothing more than a diversion. If the American people are preoccupied with immigration, they aren't looking at what else is going on. I didn't see what happened in California. But, for a state that elected the terminator as governor (who called democrats "girley-men") and the ENTIRE Rodney King thing... I don't put a lot past them.

LET'S TALK said...

We really need to get a grip just look at what has been going on with Barack Obama, he now has the secret service to protect him.

Come on America, we are all ranked low on the "who matters" list in this country... if you are not rich, then you just do not count.

We cant fight among ourselves for a place--we are already put in place as American citizens who are used for all the jobs the rich will not do.

Paul said...

Just wanted to add another couple of tidbits. Recently it was announced that illegal immigrants account for no more than 5% of the medicare budget. So much for the so-called drain on medical resources. Also according to labor statistics, a significant percentage of upper tier jobs like engineering are also taken by immigrants because there simply are not enough qualified anglos to fill the positions.
I do believe that the more you dig into a lot of the claims made by the anti-immigrants, the more you find them to be lies. Nothing but mis-representations designed to scare people into voting for someone or something.