Thursday, April 26, 2007

Katrina.....The fight goes on!

I know there are alot of people out there who dislike American Idol, but let me tell you watching it last night, I have to APPLAUD them for doing what this BASTARD we know as Shrub & his Administration REFUSE to do! They raised money last night for the poor not just abroad but HERE IN AMERICA as well. They showed how the poor in Africa are dying of AIDS, Malaria, and overall horrendous living conditions. A.I. also showed Louisiana and how the aftermath of Katrina STILL has not been dealt with. It is DISGUSTING & RIDICULOUS, that 2 years later these people STILL have no homes and are forced to live in deplorable conditions for no reason other than that Shrub is "too busy" worrying about his war and how much money he needs for it, than to care about how THEY ARE LIVING! This BASTARD needs to be tried for LIES, ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, WAR CRIMES, & MASS MURDER! What Trigger Happy & his Administration have done not just to the people of Iraq but to his fellow Americans here is INTOLERABLE, and has NO JUSTIFICATION! I sat there and cried for an hour just thinking about the images I had seen. I grew up in a rough place, and have seen my friends and neighbors shot in front of me due to gang activity, so I consider myself a pretty tough person, but seeing those images last night of families living in trailers, and in HORRIBLE living conditions crying because they are STILL LIVING KATRINA tore my heart apart! It is amazing how "WE" don't have money to feed the poor or "time" to heal OUR NATION yet we have plenty of time and money to fund UNJUSTIFIED wars and plenty of time and consideration for the "healing" of the people in Iraq! Now the excuse we will get is that Saddam held "MASS MURDERS" and commited "GENOCIDE" well excuse me, but if I'm not mistaken THIS WAR MONGER did the same, only he used Mother Nature & LIES to hide his crimes!!! The only difference between the two DICTATORS is that at least Saddam was blunt about what he did, this BASTARD just makes up lies to "justify" the crimes he commits!!!!


Donnie McDaniel said...

Keep in mind, that nothing you see on TV or in photos, even begins to do justice to the sheer amount of damage and destruction of my state. I watched it, and you have no idea how much damage is to be seen. Those Senators and Congressmen that actually have made it to New Orleans were just blown away and it shook them up.

LET'S TALK said...

The bill that our President said he would veto has the money in it to help Katrina victims.

Our President seems to be more concerned about keeping Americans in Iraq to die for his war.

We should just forget about his help and look for other means, his priorities are elsewhere.

Ziem said...

I can not imagine having this type of destruction in my country and not caring about it or the people it affected. For the life of me, I can't see why we still call this jackass a human being. He's a racist pig, a war mongering idiot, a draft dodger, a self serving, money hungry shithead and a liar. The company he keeps, is even worse. May all the fuckers rot in hell!

Tom Harper said...

Good rant. Our government's response to Katrina was disgraceful. I think most third world governments would have done more to help hurricane victims, let alone the "leader" of an industrialized country.

Who Hijacked Our Country

Donnie McDaniel said...

To put things into perspective, think about this. Katrina hit a large protion of this state. But 80% of New Orleans was flooded after the storm passed and then the FEDERAL LEVEES that were not up to par, gave way. I live about 45 to 55 minutes away from there, depending on the traffic. Katrina tore us a new ass here. Days on end in the heat with no power and phones only being able to work local after a couple of days. Calls could not come into this area code, even after power was restored. TOTAL CHAOS!

Almost a month later, Rita was still a cat 5 and when it took that turn toward Louisiana, it swamped my parish which is the second largest one in the state. Half the parish was under water. That was before it even made it to the west to totally wipe Cameron Louisiana off the face of the map! Complete and utter destruction! Till this day, the wingnuts spew horseshit and blame it on us. This same thing that the federal government could not handle, was supposed to be done by us in their minds.

Waiting in lines for hours for ice that would only last so long. Waiting in hours long lines for a few gallons of gas, once it finally became available many days later and at $3 a gallon at that. No access to the bank account, to get cash, which is what you need to pay for items when you have no power. ATM's don't work well in blackouts! Do you see where I'm going with this? Then think about the lines at the banks once they got back up.

LET'S TALK said...

Did you see what The Washington Post said about Katrina and this Administration!

Kitchen Window Woman said...

All of our tax dollars are being diverted to support American militarism. Bush & Co. are currently spending billions to weaponize outer space and are trying to put a missile shied in Eastern Europe (remember the failed missile shield under Reagan - Rumsfeld brought the dead horse back to life).

Even scarier is Blackwater - they received over 70 million dollars from August to December for patrolling New Orleans after Katrina. What happened to food, water, and shelter!!! Because Blackwater "did such a good job" (got their foot in the door) they are seeking contracts to police future disasters in other states. They are not contractors - they are mercenary killers - a private army with loyalties to the king.