Monday, April 9, 2007

60 Minutes of BullShit

On stage, he's a Republican who doesn't always keep company with his party. He says he's against abortion, but for stem cell research. He warns that global warming is a threat and that the country needs more nuclear power. And above all is the McCain mantra that the Republican party has been spending the country into ruin.
"We let spending get out of control to a degree where it led to corruption," he says. How did it happen? "We lost our way. We began to value power over principle," McCain says.
"It's not the party that you hoped it would be?" Pelley asks,
"Absolutely," McCain says. "Nor is it the party that Ronald Reagan hoped we would be."
On the road to the primaries, 60 Minutes found one issue he doesn’t like much, but one that shadows his campaign. "CBS News did a poll in March, and asked people, 'How old do you think the President of the United States should be?' More than half said in his 50s. Would you hazard a guess how many thought the president should be in his 70s?" Pelley asks.
"I don't like this line of questioning at all. I find it offensive. I'm sure that it was a small, it was a small number. But, let me respond to that right away," McCain replies.
Excerpt provided by 60 Minutes of BullShit Interview.

I don't even know where to start with this one! Let's start with calling him Flip Flop. (Isn't that what his party called John Kerry?) Anyway so Flip Flop Mc Fucker is against abortion but all for stem cell research, acknowledges his party is spending the country into ruin, but still wants to continue with this bullshit war and send more troops to Iraq, hmmm sounds like McFuck doesn't know what he wants! Now is this really the kind of fool we want as next President? We already have one fool in there who doesn't know what he wants, oops yes he does he wants MORE TROOPS SLAUGHTERED, AND WANTS MORE MONEY FOR HIS EGO!!! So Flip Flop is OFFENDED? Oh well his party and his President offend THE AMERICAN PEOPLE EVERYDAY and he doesn't seem to care about that, so fuck him too! Ooops, Sorry I MISSPOKE I meant to say forget.......... forget him too!


Ziem said...

McClueless is a bushco clone that went wrong. He has NO idea what he stands for until shrub & co let him know. How a former POW EVER agreed to that BS detainee bill is so far beyond reason... Then again, reason and sanity isn't part of the rights strong points, now is it?

Undeniable Liberal said...

Fuck him, the flip flopping bullshit artist that he is. And no, I didn't "mispoke."
Nice post.

FunkyTown Fighter said...

McClueless!! LOL.........
Your right though he doesn't know what he wants until Shrub&Co. let him know! He's a Prick & he knows it.

Flip Flopping Artist that he is!!!!

Progressive Texas Chicano said...

now now...cut McCrap some slack. He's pushing 70 and doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground!