Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Answer is......VETO DAMMIT!!

President Bush will AGAIN veto a bill to subsidize stem cell research using human embryos, but would sign an alternative that permits public funding for studies on embryos incapable of developing into fetuses, the White House said Tuesday.
The bill Bush opposes, sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., would lift the president's 2001 ban on federal funding for any new embryonic stem cell studies.
Bush contends the measure crosses an ethical line because human embryos are destroyed in the process of extracting the stem cells, material that can morph into any tissue in the body and theoretically replace or heal damaged organs.

"The administration believes that research on alternative sources of stem cells is extremely promising and provides robust opportunities to advance science without compelling American taxpayers to participate in ongoing destruction of human embryos," the White House said in a statement.

If the measure passes both houses and reaches Bush's desk, "he would veto the bill," the statement said.

On the other hand, an alternative sponsored by Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., would encourage research that does not harm budding human life, the administration said. That measure would direct taxpayer money to stem cell research on fertilized embryos that have passed the window of time in which they are capable of developing into a human being.

AND AGAIN....................

President Bush on Tuesday invited Democrats to discuss their standoff over a war-spending bill, but he made clear he would not change his position opposing troop withdrawals. The White House bluntly said the meeting would not be a negotiation.

In essence, Bush invited the Democratic leaders of Congress to come hear the stance he has offered for weeks.

This latest crock of HORSE SHIT pisses me off sooo much I can't even think straight! Notice the key words here will VETO AGAIN. He's against Stem cell research because he doesn't believe in "participating in the ongoing destruction of human embryos" BUT he's ok with the "ongoing destruction of our troops as well as the destruction of the Iraqi people!" This Bastard is such a HYPOCRITICAL Liar it actually amazes me sometimes. The Audacity this Asshole has making these comments when HE is the one who refuses to QUIT TAKING LIVES is absolutely DISGUSTING! Then he wants to try to "play nice" and ACT like he's willing to discuss the Iraq funding Bill with Democratic leaders of Congress when he's not. It's obvious this is just ANOTHER PLOY to try to get the American People to think he's being diplomatic when in reality he's being the SAME STUBBORN & ARROGANT FOOL he has ALWAYS been. The good news is 70% of Americans see this BITCH for what he is and will not buy into his latest BULLSHIT for the other 30% of Americans who still stand by him, All I can say to you is IF YOU LOVE THIS BITCH SO MUCH THEN YOU GO GIVE YOUR LIVES FOR HIM IN IRAQ AND TAKE HIM WITH YOU, AMERICA DOESN'T NEED YOU OR YOUR BULLSHIT!!!!!


Progressive Texas Chicano said...

stem cell research could save lives. the arguement is about "potential life" being threatened. but live, functioning people are not potential life, they are LIFE.

Ziem said...

Stem cell research is the most promising and exciting thing to happen to medical research since antibiotics. This is another example of why the church should stay out of the state. But I don't think shrub is much of a Christian, so his "issues" must have something to do with money.


Paul said...

More theocratic based decisions in a land that supposedly has separation between church and state. It's not right. I never read anything in the bible that gives bush the right to *%#@ up this country.

Ziem said...

But Paul! Shrub is on a misson from God to kill all evildoers. The upside to that is, he should be plummeting to his death and taking condi, rummy, dick et al. with him any day now, eh? ;o)

Undeniable Liberal said...

He seems to care more about a small clump of cells than he does real human lives.

Ziem said...

Exactly UL!!

GunnerGMM said...

From all of the cocain he snorted, various illegal "party" drugs taken and alcohol he drank, while scating through college, one has to wonder if he even has the cereberal fortitude to comprehend stem cell research or even reality.

But, he didn't smoke pot.

Impeach the ivy-league cheerleader now.